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“Most enterprises take an overly simplistic approach as managing choice at scale is very complicated.  That said, one size does not fit all, particularly in the age of Hybrid Work.

That’s what UC Direct was developed to manage. Now, an enterprise can drag and drop a standardized set of headset, webcams and other personal devices and UC Direct will help match the user with the company approved device that best meets their work style and preferences.”
Ryan Herbst, Chief Strategy Officer at UnifiedCommunications.com

Give your users the choices they want – without having to manage the complexity yourself.

UC Direct is a web-based integrated ecommerce portal that guides your users through a curated, help-me-choose experience that that gives them the company-approved device that will work best for them. Your users simply answer a few simple questions about wearing preferences, use cases, and environments, UC Direct will guide them to a recommendation that meets their needs perfectly.  

For IT management, this means you can standardize on the dozen or more devices you want to put in your catalog based on your decisions – like only offering Teams certified devices, for example – and your user will be able to select the device that makes sense for them, and you. We can also manage this curated product selection for you, based on your device strategy. 

Simple, intuitive user interface that integrates with leading eProcurement and ITSM platforms  

UC Direct integrates with all major eProcurement and ITSM solutions including Ariba, Coupa, Service Now, SAP and many more.  

This enables the intelligent device selection and the simple management of device standards to be integrated into existing procurement and approval workflows.  

We manage the full database of products – so you can focus on other things.

Headset technology is changing rapidly. New certified devices are launched every month. The good news is that you don’t have to stay on top of all this.  

UC Direct maintains an updated database of certified devices you could want for your users – headsets, speakerphones, and webcams – including their unique attributes which drive the powerful “Help Me Choose” workflows and other options for selecting the right device. 

Are you ready to simplify how you’re managing device selection and management in your company? Let’s talk.

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