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We’re here for every step in the process.

Device Strategy Consulting

Headset, speakerphone, and camera technology is changing quickly – but you don’t have to be the expert.

Adoption and Change Management

You want to get the most out of your communication and collaboration technology deployments – but this only happens when your users are fully on board.

Meeting Room Design and Engineering

We focus on designing with simplicity, eliminating unnecessary complexity, and providing you with the flexibility to collaborate the way your company works.

Deployment and Integration

No matter how complex the project or how globally dispersed the team, our on-site technicians are ready to step in and handle projects from one meeting room to multi-country, multi-floor deployments.


Simplify how your entire enterprise selects and procures all your UC devices with a simple, customizable web-based interface that gives you the control to manage devices, selection, and costs.

UC Care™

On-demand, monitored, or managed care for meeting rooms. Save time, money, and manpower by turning to us for our cloud-based IT management and monitoring service.