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“There is this vast, broad ecosystem here. And there’s a lot of nuanced conversations to have. Whether it’s on the personal device or the shared space front, if we try to just jump right in and throw hardware at the problem, we often will miss some of the real magic. So aligning the customer’s goals, their culture, their challenges, their desires with the really powerful device ecosystem that we have to work with is super exciting. We’re really passionate about this.”
—Ryan Herbst, Chief Strategy Officer

The device ecosystem is complex, nuanced, and rapidly changing.

When it comes to personal and shared device strategies for the enterprise, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions that work in the real world. We know this because we come from the end point world. Our roots are in headsets. We understand the user and our approach to complex productivity and collaboration solutions starts with user experience.

Defining the right strategy at the beginning is smarter than throwing hardware at a problem later.

It’s seductive to think that experienced professionals can skip straight to the recommendation stage without doing the hard work up front. But it’s our experience – and our experience spans over 40 years – that thoroughly asking the right questions first leads to better outcomes and faster scaling once we hit the gas.

Imagine viewing your priorities through the lens of the best emerging technologies – and best practices.

Our expertise extends beyond device selection. We work closely with the top OEM brands across the productivity and collaboration ecosystems to understand what devices solve real world problems – and what their roadmaps look like going forwards. This deep level of access – plus our own expertise in personal and shared space best practices – creates the opportunity for customers to see beyond solutions that solve their immediate problems, but also what is possible.

Deep Discovery Phase

OEM Deep Dive

Best Practices




Design and Engineering

This thorough, user-centric approach to device strategy gives us the insight we need early in our planning process, so that when you’re ready we can move quickly and scale efficiently.

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