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“Our services and integration work begins with being able to understand how our systems integrate with the business needs of each particular client – because each one is different.”

“We always ask, Give us your idea behind this. Tell us why you’re using this piece of equipment here. Tell us what kind of programming you want. This gives us a really unique understanding, a visual of what the customer wants and expects.”
The Services and Integration Team

Deploying the right solution is never one-size-fits-all. 

Our services and integration team’s involvement in your meeting room installation begins with more than just what’s on paper. They start with the story. What is the customer’s goal? What is the bigger idea driving the project? Understanding this human element informs how we scope out the skill sets we need to bring to the table and the technology required in the design package.  

We’re also very aware that sometimes, a customer’s need hinges as much on time as it does on technology, so being nimble on potential smart trade-offs help us avoid long lead times. These deployments are never one-size-fits-all. Customer expectations and needs always play a role in how we approach projects of any size.  

Delivering room solutions from the simple to the complex – as simply as possible.  

Creating the perfect meeting room experience for our customers is our top priority – from the simplest huddle room to the most complex integrated room imaginable. Our people – from our technology evangelists to our project managers – have the expertise and deep experience to understand the complexities of today’s modern meeting room requirements.

From a simple camera, microphone, and touch panel in a local office to complex rooms across the globe, we have the experience to deploy what our customers need – and we have for some of the biggest customers on earth.  

Real-world expertise and clear communication – focused on your success. 

From the big picture logistics of ensuring all the component parts arrive on time at your facility from wherever in the world they’re shipping from to the little things, like ensuring rooms are blocked off and accessible to the team during and after hours, our services and integration team has a defined and transparent process that keeps you informed and in the loop. 

How do we do this? Our project managers are purely focused on the success of your installation, from the smallest details of planning and execution to ensuring the highest level of standards are maintained by everyone involved. Our tech evangelists are our client-facing ambassadors and are responsible for the deployment and final hand-off to the customer – including the initial customer training. And both are in constant touch with you, the client, ensuring there are no surprises.  

Scope of Work Review

Procurement Management



Project Hand-Off

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