Yealink W80B


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Yealink W80B


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Cordless DECT IP Multi-Cell System
The Yealink W80 DECT IP Multi-Cell System, consisting of two elements – a base station W80B and a DECT Manager W80DM, is designed to provide the organizations who require wireless coverage with the full ease of deployment. This DECT multi-cell system intends to create an extremely scalable and reliable solution for organizations of any size and shape. The system supports up to 100 handsets and 100 simultaneous calls, ensuring one call in each handset and allowing you to get rid of the limited wireless coverage of only one base station. Meanwhile, the system can work with Yealink W53H, W56H, W57R, W59R, W73H, W78H, WH62, WH63, CP930W, CP935W and DD Phone with seamless roaming and handover of the calls, making freely mobile communication in and between each zone achievable. Both W80B and W80DM join the modern, compact design with Yealink HD voice quality, which is wrapped with the full-duplex technology, that setting free your ears and giving you an elaborate audio experience.

No Perception Upgrade
You can upgrade the W73H, W78H, W57R and W59R handsets with no perception. The upgrade of the handsets will be completed within two minutes. The channel will not be occupied during the firmware transmission, and the handsets can be used normally.

Sync Level1 Base Backup
Yealink W80 DECT IP Multi-Cell System supports sync Level 1 base backup. When the Level 1 base goesoffline, other bases in the system can be used as the backup Level 1 base, and the backup can be completed within one minute to replace the Level 1 Base so that the system can quickly maintain normal use.

Headsets Registration
The Yealink W80 DECT IP Multi-Cell System supports the WH62/WH63 headset registration. It can be registered separately and used on W80B alone or paired with other handsets. After pairing, you can switch the handset and the headset to process the calls freely.

Security & Stability
Based on Yealink DECT technology, W80 DECT IP Multi-Cell System provides you with both the stable call and the seamless roaming and handover. Wireless data transmission over-the-air is ensured by the DECT encryption and the wirelessly eavesdropping on a conversation is not possible either. At the same time, TLS and SRTP play a pivotal role in secure SIP communication. Pack Yealink W80 DECT IP Multi-Cell System with the powerful Grayscale Upgrade feature, when you perform upgrade for one handset, other handsets are free from this process and the whole system still runs in safety and stability.

Advanced DECT Contacts
When a call is coming, the receiver can obtain the caller information, including the caller number and caller name, from the phone screen easily and clearly rather than just a row of digits. Better compatibility with several PBX platforms makes the contacts from different platforms reachable on the Yealink W80 DECT IP Multi-Cell System, like Xsi directory, XML contacts. Besides, LDAP and Remote Phonebook.

Efficient Provisioning & Unified Management
The W80 DECT IP Multi-Cell System inherits the Yealink powerful Auto-p mechanism from W60B, that the efficient provisioning and effortless mass deployment can be simply implemented via Yealink’s Redirection and Provisioning Service (RPS) and auto provisioning. Moreover, you can configure and manage the entire multi-cell system on the web portal of DECT Manager, making the deployment, maintenance and upgrade to be trouble-free as well as saving even more time and IT costs for businesses.

Easy Setup and Deployment
In the multicast network, administrators profit from zero touch provisioning that the system is established as soon as the base station is powered on and connected to the network. Do not worry if you are in the non-multicast network environment, just configure the IP address of the DECT Manager via the web user interface of the base station to complete the deployment. How to quickly identify the right position for any of the W80B base stations? Try the Yealink Deployment ToolKit and it will be your right hand for planning of large deployments.

Compatible with Multiple Devices
Yealink W80 DECT IP Multi-Cell System is compatible with multiple Yealink DECT devices, including W56H, W53H, W57R, W59R, W73H, W78H, CP930W, CP935W and DD Phone, that all of those devices can be connected to one single or multi-cell DECT system from Yealink and a complete DECT ecosystem is just at your fingertips.

Seamless handover and roaming
Up to 100 parallel calls
Up to 30 base stations
Up to 100 handsets
Up to 100 SIP accounts
Support XML/LDAP/Remote Phonebook
Support Xsi Directory
DECT radio coverage up to 50 m indoors and 300 m outdoors
DECT technology:
Yealink DECT technology focuses on high-quality Audio VoIP (wideband), and low bit-rate data applications. However, we are not compatible with any third-party DECT devices (base station, handset, etc.).
Support IPv6
Support PoE
Compatible with Yealink W56H/W53H (version x.85.0.45 or later), W73H (version or later), W78H (version or later), CP930W (version or later), W59R (vesion or later), W57R (vesion or later), CP935W (version or later), T54W+DD10K (version or later) and DD Phone (version or later)

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