Yealink W57R


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Yealink W57R


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Yealink W57R, certified to rigorous IP54 standard, is a professional ruggedized DECT handset with an integrated vibration alarm that is pretty eligible for the environment where there may be dusty, humid, and harsh. W57R combines the advantages of wireless communication and the rich features of Voice-over-IP phone, and is fully compatible with Yealink W80/W90 Multi-Cell System for seamless roaming and handover feature. It provides you with the convenience and good experience of mobile communication in and between each zone and keeps stable in complicated and harsh locations. W57R cushions the occasional fall and can easily withstand falls of up to 3.5 meters. This makes the W57R the perfect companion in the office, in a warehouse or on outdoor premises. As a rugged and durable handset, W57R has also been developed with Yealink optimal HD audio quality that combines multiple leading technologies together, including FNR (Flexible Noise Reduction), full duplex. This means users can get a stable and high-quality audio experience even if the environment is full of noise or wireless interference.

Shock, dust and water proof
Yealink W57R is a well-rounded companion with its certified Ingress Protection rating of 54 (IP54) that can be entirely relied on in the challenging environment. It resist dust, splash and water, and its tough rubberized surface protects the handset from falling, slipping and scratching. Thus, W57R can secure itself from a fall of up to 3.5 meters, water splash in any direction, as well as all the dust ingress.

Freely mobile communication
Fully compatible with Yealink W70B Single-Cell base and W80/W90 Multi-Cell System, W57R supporting seamless roaming and handover feature. Meanwhile, the vibration alarm prevents you from missing the calls in the noisy and stressful environment. In short, W57R tends to make a major contribution to realizing true mobile communication.

DECT technology
Yealink DECT technology focuses on high-quality Audio VoIP (wideband), and bit-rate data applications. However, we are not compatible with any third-party DECT devices (base station, handset, etc.).

Rugged DECT handset with IP54 protection rating
Scratch resistant, disinfectant resistant
1.8” 128 x 160 TFT color screen with intuitive user interface
HD audio and Flexible Noise Reduction (FNR)
Vibration alarm
Up to 40-hour of talk time
Up to 575-hour of standby time
Keypad backlight and keypad lock
Fully compatible with Yealink W80/W90 Multi-Cell System for seamless roaming and handover

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