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Microsoft Teams Rooms

Standardize on Teams Rooms Devices

At UnifiedCommunications.com, we understand the importance of having the right tools to facilitate effective collaboration and communication within your team.

We are aware that employees are going back to the office, though they still want to be able to work from wherever they want. They also want the same communication experience whether they are in the office or working remotely. However, using a Bring Your Own Device model for meeting rooms makes it very difficult to have the same experience for everyone.

Joining a Teams Rooms Meeting is as easy as walking into the room.

No plugging in, no struggling through setups, and no calling the it helpdesk.

Meeting Experience That Engages All Participants

Many meeting rooms are constructed to cater to the needs of in-person attendees, leaving remote participants feeling excluded and disconnected. However, with Microsoft Teams Rooms, you can ensure that everyone, regardless of their location, can fully engage in the meeting experience.

By using Teams Rooms, all participants can feel as if they are in the front row, fully seen, heard, and engaged in the conversation. With this level of inclusivity, every employee can be an active participant, regardless of whether they are physically present or joining remotely. Teams Rooms enable a rich and inclusive meeting experience that ensures everyone can fully participate, regardless of their location.

  • Split chat, people, and documents with dual display.
  • Use Front Row layout and Intelligent Camera to give a dedicated video feed to each attendee.
  • Suppress noise and echoes caused by multiple in-room laptops.
  • Always know who’s speaking with Intelligent Speaker technology.

For Inclusivity, We Recommend Using Video, Audio, and Collaboration Tools

Teams Rooms are designed to turn any room into an easy-to-use meeting space where everyone can be seen and heard from anywhere…ensuring equal footing as some join meetings in the office and others remote.

Add real-time collaboration tools to keep people engaged and encourage natural and immersive connections.

Teams Rooms Include:

✅ Modernized approach to collaborating and engaging with remote colleagues.

✅ A wide array of high-quality audio and video devices to accommodate any meeting space.

✅ Intuitive Teams experiences that let you easily schedule, join, and participate in meetings.

✅ Certified Microsoft hardware to ensure security, quality, and performance out of the box.

✅ Supports meeting platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and Bluejeans.

Choose From the Best Manufacturers:

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