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Empower Teamwork with the Microsoft Surface Hub 3

Where Innovation Meets Collaboration

Microsoft’s Surface Hub 3 is designed to integrate collaborative digital canvas capabilities, seamless video conferencing, and intuitive touch and pen features, fostering dynamic teamwork across various locations. This empowers employees to enhance productivity through real-time collaboration and information sharing.

The Employee Experience Matters

Hardware and software come together to create a seamless Microsoft Teams Room experience for every participant. Between Microsoft’s investment in human-centered design and Surface’s pioneering history of premium form factors, Surface Hub 3’s technology fades into the background so collaboration stays front and center.

Manage Remotely, Stay Secured Anywhere

Deploy with ease, manage your devices from anywhere, and maintain secured control of every Surface Hub 3’s with Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Teams admin center, and Windows 11 Pro. As part of the Microsoft ecosystem, Surface Hub 3’s built-in, chip-to-cloud security1 keeps your employees and your organization safe.

Putting Your Business First

Versatile accessories and mobile stands adapt your collaborative canvas to your evolving space and technology needs. Through modular design that unlocks repairability and ongoing upgrades, Surface Hub 3 protects your investment by maximizing value throughout its lifecycle.

1. Surface Hub Smart Camera

The AI-enabled camera’s aperture and ultra-wide field of view of 136 degrees, renders everything in focus, near and far.

2. Palm rejection

Technology can distinguish between intentional touch inputs and unintentional inputs, for a natural writing experience.

3. Mobile battery for 50-inch

Unplug and take your ideas anywhere using the APC™ Charge Mobile Battery.

4. Digital inking

A natural writing and drawing experience helps you maintain focus and allows for multi-user inputs with dual-pen active inking.

5. One-touch join

Walk up and start a Whiteboard session or join a meeting with one touch.

6. Flexible ecosystem

Stands, mounts and mobile carts from Steelcase and Salamander, plus peripherals certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms.

AI Powered Meetings and Brainstorming

Surface Hub 3 empowers customers to leverage AI for enhanced hybrid meetings and collaboration. It features innovative capabilities like Cloud IntelliFrame, which improves remote attendees’ visibility and removes distractions by intelligently separating participants into individual boxes. Video segmentation with a unified background in Front Row promotes inclusivity by adjusting video sizes. Additionally, the future holds AI-powered brainstorming features through Microsoft Copilot, streamlining idea generation and organization in Whiteboard to enhance creative ideation. Stay tuned for further details on these exciting developments.

Beyond Meetings: Unleashing the Power of Surface Hub 3

Surface Hub 3 offers Smart Rotation for versatile screen layouts, mobility with the Steelcase Roam Stand, and various deployment options. Its high-resolution 4K display and intelligent audio optimize meetings. Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams Rooms certified peripherals creates diverse meeting setups, and active inking with up to two pens enhances collaboration. With a significant CPU and GPU performance boost, Surface Hub 3 is a powerful solution for modern workspaces, revolutionizing meetings and enhancing inclusivity.

Our Hub Services

Contact us about our free services offerings! Built for Team Collaboration

Deployment and Integration

Choose from our virtual or onsite deployment packages, including virtual site survey prior to installation, device Configuration or support, and demonstration sessions.

Training and User Adoption

Take your team collaboration to the next level with: 

✅ Customized onsite visits

✅ End-user and admin training

✅ User adoption activities

✅ Branded Quick Start Guides

Management and Support

We can provide you with Day 2 support, including unlimited virtual technical troubleshooting and SLA support. We also offer four virtual introductions to managing Hub via Microsoft InTune or other provisioning packages.