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In today’s business climate, is it more important to be flexible? Or fast? We think the answer is “yes.” Our do-it-yourself meeting room bundles give you the tools to get rooms up and running fast, while giving you the flexibility to change cubes into huddle spaces quickly.

Anyone can sell you hardware. But we built our reputation on simplifying complex collaboration problems. That’s why our DIY bundles come with 60 minutes of free installation help – plus a host of technical documentation to make installation simple. This separates us from your everyday box sellers, doesn’t it?

Take your pick from the leading Microsoft Teams Rooms brands – small, medium, or large rooms in either Android or Windows – and get up to 60 minutes of free remote installation assistance, our Wiring and Elevation Instructions, our pre-configuration service (for all Win OS bundles), plus, all the technical readiness documentation and Quick Start Guides from Microsoft and our OEM partners you’ll need to set up your room licenses and hardware.

These additional bundle services from UC are valued at $1,325 – but we’re including them for free in this special bundle price.