Yealink ZVC S90 Zoom Rooms System


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Yealink ZVC S90 Zoom Rooms System


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Zoom Room System for Extra-Large and Training Rooms
Yealink ZVC S90 is specially designed for extra-large conference rooms. This set includes new generation high-performance MINI-PC MCore Pro, touch panel MTouch Plus, intelligent 4K PTZ camera UVC86, and AVHub specially designed for audio and video processing. AVHub can adjust the screen layout and realize Yealink’s exclusive multi-camera solution, which can support up to 9 cameras connected at the same time, and realize multi-speaker tracking with voice incentive mechanism functions, adapt to the audio and video conferencing needs of various large and super large meeting rooms, classrooms, and training rooms. The ZVC S90 set comes standard with two UVC86 cameras, which can support 12x optical zoom-in and intelligent follow-up shooting. On the MTouch Plus control panel, through Yealink RoomConnect, the cameras can be controlled independently and switch layouts. You can combine the ZVC S90 with the ZVC-BYOD-Extender, you only need to plug the USB cable into the PC to freely use the audio and video equipment of the entire system, and you can convert the Zoom meeting room into a multi-functional meeting room. In addition, multiple sets of ZVC S90 series products can be combined through a network cable to build a conference room system that can be flexibly merged and divided.

Multi-cam solution, Flexible layout
Relying on the audio and video processor AVHub, Yealink realizes the multi-camera solution that supports up to 9 Yealink cameras. Users can control them independently through MTouch Plus or splice the output video of multiple cameras and adjust the output video layout as desired. Multiple sets of ZVC S90 series can be combined through network cables to build a conference room system that can be flexibly merged and divided.

Big and flexible conference control experience
Yealink third-generation touch panel MTouch Plus, with an 11.6-inch narrow-frame touch area, is the iconic product of Yealink third-generation. Yealink third-generation touch panel innovatively supports multiple panels to control conferences at the same time*. You can freely choose the deployment position of each panel according to the deployment needs of the conference room and fully control the conference process.

Intelligent tracking, Free your hands
Yealink UVC86 intelligent PTZ camera supports multiple tracking functions: Auto-framing, Speaker Tracking, and Presenter Tracking. Speaker Tracking of Yealink UVC86 supports region trigger without the operating, automatic framing speaker. Support gesture turn ON/OFF so that it can be used in every scenario. Equipped with Yealink camera plug-in controller, the camera can freely switch at any time in up to 9 preset positions and can also quickly switch preset tracking modes, one-step adjustment, one step in place. The UVC86 camera supports 4K video output and has a 12x optical zoom lens to provide clear and lossless images. UVC86 provides you with a face-to-face, intelligent and smooth meeting experience by accurately recreating every moment and detail.

Flexible audio, Flexible connectivity
Users can choose to use wired (VCM35, VCM38 Ceiling microphone) or wireless (VCM36-W, CPW65) microphones for miking. Users can adapt to various conference room deployment scenarios, such as desktop placement and ceiling placement. Yealink’s unique sound processing algorithm can dynamically eliminate reverberation and noise according to the ambient sound in real-time, effectively eliminate background interference and noise, and allow you to enjoy crystal-clear voice at any time. By cooperating with third-party manufacturers* such as Biamp, Nureva, Shure and YAMAHA, S90 can support their devices to access the conference system.
*Please visit the website to find the compatibility list of third-party audio equipment.

Convenient screen sharing and fast BYOD solution*
The ZVC S90 supports Yealink’s unique WPP30 wireless screen sharing solution and third-party screen sharing solution*, providing participants with maximum flexibility. Users only need to plug in WPP30 or pair with third-party screen sharing, can one key to initiate content sharing. With a high resolution of 1080P/30 frames, it provides users with a better way to share content. Users can also realize the wireless BYOD* function through WPP30. It truly realizes the conference room experience that you want.
*This feature will be supported in future versions.

Simple to deploy, Easy to use
With the VCH port and USB port, Yealink audio and video system is specially designed for video meeting rooms so that the deployment can be easily extended. At the same time, with the cable management feature of Yealink MCore Pro, ensures the wire connection’s stability and the most appropriate deployment can be achieved according to the layout of the meeting room. One CAT5e is enough to connect the TV area to the conference table area, and to complete the data transmission and power supply, no additional power supply or extension cable is needed, which not only simplifies the deployment but also effectively reduces deployment costs.

Manage your devices remotely
This solution supports Yealink Device Management Platform/Cloud Service, you can flawlessly manage, monitor, configure, update and diagnose all Yealink audio and video device peripherals on this platform remotely.

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