Yealink MVC S40-C4-000 Teams Rooms system for Small-to-medium rooms


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Yealink MVC S40-C4-000 Teams Rooms system for Small-to-medium rooms


Yealink MVC S40 is specially designed for small-to-medium conference rooms. The standard set includes high-performance MINI-PC MCore Pro, touch panel MTouch E2, and a new generation SmartVision 40 smart audio and video integration machine.

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Yealink MVC S40-C4-000 Teams Rooms system for Small-to-medium rooms

Yealink MVC S40-C4-000 Teams Rooms system is an innovative solution tailored for small-to-medium meeting spaces, designed to enhance collaboration and productivity within modern workplaces. This comprehensive system seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, providing a streamlined communication experience. The dual-eye camera system ensures exceptional image clarity. With lenses directed toward each side of the participants, it offers a superior viewing angle, while its 48MP cameras effortlessly cover long distances, delivering high-resolution images even at extended distances. Yealink MVC S40-C4-000 is the Yealink MCore mini-PC, powered by Intel Core i5 technology, ensuring smooth performance and reliable operation. The mini-PC is preloaded with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Microsoft Teams Rooms application, offering a familiar and intuitive interface for users. Yealink MTouch II touch panel serves as the central control hub for the system, offering an intuitive interface for managing meetings, controlling peripherals, and accessing collaboration tools. The touch panel simplifies the meeting experience, allowing users to join calls, share content, and collaborate with ease.

  • Dual-camera, 2 x 48MP
  • DFOV120°
  • Automatic lens privacy cover
  • Built-in 8 MEMS microphone array
  • 6m voice pickup range
  • 2x stereo speaker
  • Support 2x expansion microphone
  • AI-Enhanced Noise Cancellation

Ultra HD picture quality and artificial AI features
The dual lens fixed-focus stitching solution combines the images from two lenses to achieve a higher pixel density, resulting in clearer and sharper image quality. The intelligent AI features include the IntelliFocus, Multi-stream IntelliFrame, Video Fence and so on. It can automatically detect speakers in the meeting room, frame them, and display them on the screen through multi-stream output, providing a more intuitive and interactive remote meeting experience. Also, the Video Fence feature can intelligently identify and block interfering factors in the meeting room, maintaining a clean and professional meeting display.

High-quality audio pickup experience
SmartVision 40 has a 6-meter voice pickup range and built-in stereo speakers, 3-meter full-duplex technology and 8x long-range pickup microphones. The intelligent noise reduction technology provides a good audio experience. In addition, it can support 2 additional expansion microphones, that can cover a large conference room.

Convenient screen sharing
The MVC S40 supports wire and WPP30 wireless screen sharing solution, also support Miracast wireless display technology. So, users only need to plug in WPP30 or pair with third-party screen sharing, can one key to initiate content sharing.

MCore Pro Mini-PC
Yealink MCore Pro Mini-PC is a powerful computing unit meticulously designed to serve as the backbone of advanced communication and collaboration solutions, particularly tailored for modern meeting environments. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and optimized for seamless integration with Microsoft Teams Rooms, the MCore Pro redefines efficiency and reliability in small-to-medium-sized meeting spaces.

At its core lies an Intel Core i5 processor, delivering exceptional performance and responsiveness to meet the demands of intensive conferencing and collaborative tasks. This robust hardware ensures smooth operation and swift execution of tasks, providing users with a seamless and fluid meeting experience.

  • Memory:8GB(2*4GB)
  • Storage:128GB SSD
  • Built-in EDID adapter
  •  3x HDMI video output with CEC supported
  •  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

MTouch E2 Touch Console
Yealink MTouch E2 Touch Console is an intuitive and feature-rich control interface designed to streamline communication and collaboration within modern meeting environments. Engineered to complement Yealink’s innovative conferencing solutions, the MTouch E2 enhances the user experience by providing convenient access to essential meeting controls and collaboration tools.

Featuring a vibrant and responsive 8-inch touchscreen display, the MTouch E2 offers an intuitive interface that enables users to effortlessly navigate through meetings, manage calls, and interact with multimedia content with precision and ease. Its high-resolution display ensures crystal-clear visuals, enhancing clarity and readability during meetings.

The MTouch E2 is equipped with a range of convenient controls and shortcuts, allowing users to quickly initiate or join meetings, adjust audio settings, and share content with just a few taps. Its user-friendly design simplifies the meeting experience, empowering participants to focus on productive collaboration rather than technical complexities.

  • 8-inch IPS screen
  • 1280 x 800 resolution
  • Angle adjustable bracket (28° – 50°)
  • 1080P/30FPS FHD for sharing
  • Support wired and wireless content sharing
  • Support HDMI/USB-C video input
What’s in the Box
Quick start guide
SmartVision 40M
Core Pro mini-PC
MTouch E2 touch console
(3) HDMI cable
(1) Internet cable
(1) USB-A to USB-B cable
USB Type-C cable (with HDMI adapter)
MCore Pro power supply
SmartVision 40 power supply
Yealink MCore Pro mount
Yealink MTouch E2 mount
Yealink SmartVision 40 mounting kit
Included Warranty
Standard 2 Year Limited Warranty
Weight 20 lbs