Yealink MTouch Plus


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Yealink MTouch Plus



Yealink MTouch Plus is the specific-designed Yealink third-generation touch panel with a unique appearance and all-in-one features. With an 11.6-inch anti-fingerprint and anti-glare IPS large screen, MTouch Plus provides you with a more comfortable control experience during the meeting. Yealink MTouch Plus supports controlling meetings by multiple touch panels simultaneously* and allowing multiple participants to control the meeting synchronously. It supports screen sharing via third-party* and wireless BYOD features*, and you can join the meeting with only one-time touch and share your screen anytime. With more deployed methods for MTouch Plus, you can mount it on the wall and lay it flat or fix it on the desktop according to your needs through a cleverly designed expansion bracket. Working with the RoomSensor, it can automatically detect participants entering the meeting room and automatically wake up the whole system, allowing you to experience different meeting room features.

1080P Narrow Frame Large Screen
The 11.6-inch anti-fingerprint anti-glare IPS large screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution provides you with a clearer visual effect and a smoother touch control experience. Multiple Touch Panels to Control Meeting* Working with the Yealink CTP28, participants can control the camera and switch the camera layouts in different areas of the room simultaneously.

Third-party Screen Sharing*
You can share the conent via Airplay, Miracast or GoogleCast to MTouch Plus, and you can experience a more convenient way to share the content in the meeting room.

*This feature will be supported in subsequent versions.

Automatic Wake-up with RoomSensor
Only one deployment can specify the location as the wake-up area, which will not change the wake-up area due to the movement of the panel, bringing a stable device wake-up experience to a larger conference room area; With the built-in environmental detection sensor of RoomSensor, environmental information such as temperature and humidity of the entire conference room can be directly displayed in your hands*; Room managers can also see the corresponding statistics in the device management system.

Power Supply for PC (Content Sharing)
MTouch Plus supports charging devices connected to it through the USB 2.0 Type-C PD power supply. Therefore, you donโ€™t need to worry about device power issues.

11.6-inch Anti-fingerprint & Anti-glare IPS Screen
1920 ร— 1080 Resolution
Multiple Panels to Control*
Third-party Screen Sharing*
Wireless BYOD*
Supports Power Supply for PC (Content Sharing)
Three Deployment Methods

Weight 1 lbs


Product Type

Touch Controller


MTouch Plus